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Welcome to my website, I'm Zander's mom, Jenn.  Zander is my little miracle. I am a 32 year old woman who was told by many doctors that I would never conceive and deliver a child.  I thank the Lord every day that they were mistaken.  He has opened a door for me that I thought would remain locked forever.  I am truly blessed.

I have worked at and enjoyed several jobs in my life.  Now as a single mother, I have no desire to leave my child to go to work, but I must provide for the two of us.  I have always enjoyed creating things and painting. Over the years, I have done quite a lot of free-lance art.  I am hoping to provide a living for us through creative means.

Please CONTACT me with any questions or comments and if you would like to inquire about getting a Jennuine Ink piece for your own little angel.

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